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Top 10 Reasons for Removal



Here are 10 popular reasons why people get tattoo removal done:

Love Gone Bad

At first things were perfect — two people who were so much into each other that they would do anything for each other. Thing is, part of what they did do to show their love and commitment to each other is was to each tattoo the others’ name on their left cheek.

This scenario of lovers tattooing their love interest’s name on a public or even private part of their anatomy is extremely popular. However, it is also very popular for persons with such tattoos t want to have them removed when the love relationship is over.

A Change of Lifestyle

It is said that the only constant in life is ‘change’, and many people evolve over time as they go through various life experiences, and as a result they change their outlook on life and might adopt a new belief system.

Some persons might have tattooed their body to show solidarity in a negative group and afterward found another more positive way of life and decide to have these images associated with the past removed.


There is an age old saying which says “Youth is wasted on the young.” In the passion of youth, immature youngsters might not consider the consequences of their actions in many respects of their lives. Many times their actions involve getting tattoos that they later regret having as they grow older.


Right or wrong, society can be harsh and generally people with tattoos are looked down upon as deviants from society’s rules. In some instances people who have tattoos cannot endure the stigma that society places on them — even though sometimes they might be good persons inside. To be accepted as a normal, responsible citizen, they opt to remove their tattoos.


Tattoos are sometimes placed in very conspicuous places and are highly visible to the world. In addition to this, the theme or concept of the tattoo might also be considered offensive. Such tattoos can pose a problem for persons who wish to hold down a job or advance in their career and to remove the restrictions it causes, they decide to remove the tattoo.

Love of Family

Many people with tattoos have a spouse and kids who might be negatively affected by them having tattoos. In such instances, some people go the distance to remove their tattoos for their loved ones to have a comfortable life.

Dissatisfied With Quality of Tattoo

All tattoo artists are not created equal and some do a shoddy job of tattooing an image on someone’s skin and the person ends up with an ugly image that might be in a very visible place. Even if the tattoo is not easily seen by everyone, the person with the ugly tattoo might want it remove.

Unhappy With Altered Body Image

Some individuals get tattoos that cover very large portions of their skin. At some point some of these persons just grow unhappy with the original look of their skin being obliterated by tattoos and so they start the process of removing all or some of them.

Realizing That They Have A Tattoo

Yes, you saw the title right — some people get tattoos when they are ‘not in their right minds’ such as after drinking too much alcohol or having too little sleep, and as such are not fully aware that they are in fact getting their skin inked. After they come to themselves again they are horrified at their action and make moves to remove the tattoo or tattoos.

Just Because…

Some people like adventure and love to switch things up a little in their lives from time to time — even persons with tattoos. These persons might just want a partial change to their image and decide to remove a tattoo or two to achieve this purely aesthetic goal.

For whatever reason or reasons a person might want to remove a tattoo, one of the best options to get tattoo removal done is by using a laser removal procedure.  Using laser light to remove a tattoo is very common and safe. The laser treatment works by moving over the ink with pulses of concentrated light which shatters the ink into small fragments that are then eradicated from the body safely by the immune system.

There are some aspects of this treatment that will need to be addressed before the treatment begins and a credible, dependable doctor or clinic will discuss all these with the patient.


Posted on January 28, 2013 by Sam Moser 

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