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Affordable Treatment


When I talk to people that want removals, the first thing they say is ”I would like to get it removed but it is too expensive and I am not sure where to go”. We make it more affordable than going to a cosmetic surgeon so everyone has access to removal. We have the most affordable prices in the lowcountry.

It usually takes 1 to 10 sessions to remove a tattoo. This is depending on several factors:

1. The depth of the ink in the dermis of the skin

2. Types of ink used

3.The size of the tattoo

4. The age of the tattoo

5. How much water you drink

These factors will determine how many sessions it will take to remove the tattoo.   


 Price List for the Q switch laser

$75 Per Treatment for tattoos 1 inch and Under

$100 Per Treatment for tattoos 2 inches and Under

$125 Per Treatment for tattoos Under 5 inches
Military/First Responders
$25 DISCOUNT Per Treatment

$150 and up Per Treatment for tattoos Over 5 inches

$25 OFF for Multiple Tattoos

Regrets Laser is dedicated to keeping our prices AFFORDABLE.

We will Price Match and Beat any price in the area.
Thank you for your business!

Regrets Laser is happy to announce the New PICO Laser! You now have a choice in the Laser you want. There will be a $25 Service Charge added to the above cost 

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